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"We at QueerClick know a little bit about porn. We've been looking, writing, and consuming it as a blog for over a decade. That's a lot of dicks, a lot of hot guys, and a whole lot of sex.

The review we would write now for Gayhoopla, some 1,100 videos later, versus the review we would write for a brand new site has changed surprisingly little. In the end, the ingredients for a successful porn site are surprisingly few: an unwavering quality of models, the quality of product, and the sex needs to be hot. Consistently hot. Period.

We've voraciously watched every update, binged on beauty, admired every new model, and been steadily satisfied, sated, and filled with a hunger for the next update. The best porn leaves you wanting more, returning for more servings. Gayhoopla is one of our favorite sites. It has been and continues to be a standard by which we judge others."

QueerClick started off very humbly as a one-man pushcart in 2004 with a few teeny weeny updates a day. Now, we do hefty updates round the clock bringing you the latest, gayest porn & more. The QC guys are witty, shiny, happy (we do have some pretty good-lookers in the house too, if you’re interested!) and very good-natured people (a house-rule!). Staring at too many weenies and alimentary canal endings thankfully hasn’t turned any one of us straight!

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In three short years, Str8UpGayPorn has become the most widely read—and most widely commented-on—gay adult entertainment news site online, breaking national and international news stories on gay adult film stars that have led to the site’s crossover success.

Str8UpGayPorn's exclusive news stories have been featured on and credited by outlets such as: VICE, Los Angeles Times, TMZ, and many more. In 2016, Str8UpGayPorn swept the gay adult industry awards circuit by taking home the “Best Blog” award at every single ceremony, including the Grabbys, Cybersockets, and Prowler Awards.

"You can always count on GayHoopla to introduce the most stunning new guys having the hottest sex, and you won't find them anywhere else. I can't wait to see the new models they introduce every week!"

GayDemon's is a guide to the best gay porn sites. An authority on gay sites since 1999, offering unbiased honest reviews with reliable advice helping you choose the right site.

"GayHoopla features some of the hottest All American jocks you can find - Good looking, personable, well-built with six-pack abs, chiseled pecs, and great asses! The guys seem to have a great time performing on the sites live shows where they pose, foold around, jerking off and fuck. There are regular weekly live shows which are also saved to a large video archive available to all members. A great site and good value! "

Queer Me Now is a multiple award-winning gay porn blog run by a fan that just celebrated 10 years covering gay porn industry.

"As a blogger of the website that cover gay adult industry, I watch too much gay porn but GayHoopla never fails to surprise me with the hotness of their exclusive models. I wish I knew how they found these crazy hot guys and convinced them to do porn. It's always a pleasure to watch these muscle jocks flexing muscles, having sex and goofing around."

Pornstar blog that catches all gay porn scandals. 

"Where muscle jocks and gay hardcore fantasies collide.... Hot site that sells very well. My go to fix for muscled jocks. "

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